Refund and Returns Policy

retrieval & replacement

Customer satisfaction is our goal. This is what we are keen on at the Hopewaystores. Therefore, damaged or non-compliant products can be returned to the order. We confirm that cosmetics, perfumes, care products, or products that have been used or opened cannot be returned or exchanged for your safety.
You can return devices products provided that they have not been used or opened, and provided that they are in their original condition as they were received.

Return and exchange method:
– Contact us on WhatsApp, explain the reason for the return or exchange, and attach pictures of the product to be returned or exchanged.
By clicking here

Duration of return and exchange:
– The period allowed to return and exchange products is 7 days from the date of receipt of the order.

Refund period:
After the product reaches us and we verify its condition, the amount will be returned within 14 working days.

Return fees:
Hopewaystores bears the return fees (for damaged products or products that do not conform to the customer’s request).
The customer will bear the return fee of  28.75 Riyals, which will be deducted from the value of the product to be returned in the following cases:
1- If the customer wishes to return the returnable products, so that they are intact, in their original condition, and conform to the request.
2- In the event of no response to the shipping company representative.

Replacement fees:
– The customer bears the shipping fees for returning the replaceable product at a value of ( 28.75 Riyals). After the product reaches us and we verify its condition, the customer is contacted to choose the replacement product, and then the shipping fees for sending the replacement product are calculated on the customer’s account at a value of ( 28.75 Riyals).

– The customer has the right to cancel the order and get its full value back if the status of the order is pending (before starting to implement it). If the order is executed and the bill of lading is issued, the order will be canceled and the amount will be returned after deducting the 28.75 Riyals bill of lading fee.

– If the customer orders a package (a group of products) and wants to return part of the products, the value of the remaining products is calculated at their basic price, not the price of the package.

– If the customer requests a return for the first time, the return will be accepted according to the store’s policy. If he orders the same products again, the return request will not be accepted for the second time.

Note: The customer must return the free gifts (if any) if he wishes to return the entire order in accordance with the store’s policy.
Note: The product must be delivered to the shipping company’s office within a maximum period of 3 days from the date the policy reaches the customer, so be sure to check the messages sent to you when you request a return.

Note that Asrarco sends a paid bill of lading to the customer within a maximum period of 3 working days to deliver it with the product to the shipping company.

For further inquiries, we are pleased to serve you through the Asrarco customer service communication channels.

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